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All format audio editor, recorder.
Create audio from tapes, vinyl, microphone, mixing deck, etc.
Add effects including Amplify, Normalize, Echo, Stretch, Fade in/out, Invert, Reverse
and more.
Easy to use graphical editing interface.

Play and convert Midi to any audio format.


Select an area and save as a new audio or apply effects
You can select an area by swiping the mouse over the graphical wave or by using the Punch In Out tool.
This tool makes it easy to select an area, just play the audio and select start and end points during playback.
You can now apply effects to the selected area or save it as a new audio clip.
Auto stop timer
Stop recording after a preset time - handy if you know the length of a song on tape or vinyl.
Record new audio or append to existing audio.
Create ring tone clips.
Auto Gain
Auto Gain option adjusts automatically during recording to give smooth recorded volume.
Zoom in/out, Cut/Copy/Paste/Mix, Null signal, Insert silence.
Insert another audio to any selected point in the current audio.
Three levels of undo/redo
Apply effects to all audio or a selected area.
Fade in/out
Gradually increases or decreases the volume over a selected area
The area can fade in or out, and by selecting the start and end percentage volume levels you can create different fade types from complete fade to partial fade.
Not all CD's, tapes and vinyl's are recorded at the same volume level. Use normalize to adjust the overall level of the audio file. Normalize will search for peak and average levels and use this data to normalize the audio file.
Echo is thinner than Reverb, and gives a more "spacious out of doors" sound. Short echoes can sound like a tunnel, and long echoes can sound like the Grand Canyon.
Increases or decreases the speed and pitch of the of the audio file.
The easy stretch slider adjusts the stretch rate. Values above 100 will decrease speed and pitch. Values below 100 will increase speed and pitch.
Increase or decrease the volume.
Make an area play backwards.

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