All in one Audio / Video Workstation
Powerful Remix Player with effects. Remix and create new audio MP3's  using the Player, Microphone, Audio Clip player, and Remix Player combinations. Extract audio from video. Convert between formats. Convert or burn audio CD's. Create voice recordings with loads of effects.
Includes 400 free music clips, sound effects, music loops, rhythm loops and full songs.
Includes lots of utilities indispensable to your media entertainment and editing.


ReMix allows you to create your own MP3's using all the resources of eMedia.
You can change Speed, Pitch, add DX Effects, VST Reverb, you can remix each mix and add more audio and effects.
Voice recordings can be created and remixed with effects and audio.
Audio mixed between the two decks can be recorded as a new MP3.
Use ReMix to create new MP3's from the Main Player, Clip Player, Mixer and Microphone
Create YouTube LRC Captions.
Easily create smooth beat matched music sets, voice overs, ring tones etc.

eMedia Audio / Video Mixer Player
Play audio and video with great enhancements including superb choices of reverb, pre amp and EQ settings.
Once you've tried the simple twin deck player, you won't want to use single deck again, it just makes things that much easier and convenient.

The player includes loads of effects including Wave Reverb, Virtual Studio Technology Reverb, 3D Reverb, Echo, Stereo Panning, Chorus, Speed and Pitch change with memory for each song, smooth play, Compressor, Flange and more.

Smooth Play
The player can order songs by speed and, as a song nears the end, automatically find the best moment to smoothly fade the next song in.

Smart CD Player
The smart CD player can play from multiple CD's without interruption.
As the CD track plays it loads in to memory in just a few seconds, you can then remove the CD and load another CD without the interrupting the song. You can also adjust speed and pitch and add effects.
Playing Videos
Videos can be mixed with audio tracks in the play list and all effects can be used with video playback.
Select small, large or full screen options.
Formats included are:-
Mpeg, Mpeg4, AVI, Windows Media Video, ASX, ASF, CLP, iPod M2V.
Other formats will play if the correct codec is installed on your machine.
Media Database
Automatically searches your pc and creates a database of all your audio and video media. Order the database by Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Tempo. Search and add songs to the play list.
Filter by format type.
Included Programs
CD Audio Grabber  -  Video to Audio Converter -  CD Audio Burner Creator  -  Audio Converter  -  Karaoke Scrolling Lyrics Maker  -   Audio Editor  -  Audio Splitter / Joiner  -  Album Artwork Editor  -  ID3 Editor.

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