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Automatically beat matching dance music using MP3 Workstation and DJ Studio Pro

This is a technique used by DJ's to mix from one song to another seamlessly. Used to keep people dancing.
The speed of the second song is adjusted to mach the current song and then the second song is faded in matching the beat of the first.
This can be done automatically using MP3 Workstation

How to Beat Match
First load some dance music to the play list.
You will be asked if the songs should be analysed for BPM (beats per minute)
Answer Yes
If the songs have already been analysed they will load immediately.
Click 'Order BPM'
This will place the songs in order of speed making it easier to adjust one song speed to the next.


(DJ Studio Pro only)
With DJ Studio Pro you can create your own start points for each song.


Enable Auto Play and Auto Fade and Beat Matching

Begin Playing the play list.

When each song nears the end, beat matching will begin automatically.
Speed will be adjusted.
Once the beat has been detected and matched the next song will fade in.
If the beat cannot be matched after 15 seconds the next song will fade without beat matching.

When the beat of the first song is found a green arrow will appear on the play bar.
When the second song beat has been synchronised, two green arrows will appear on the play bar and the songs will fade.


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