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Creating Standard Audio CD's using MP3 Converter CD Burner

Creating standard audio CD's using MP3 Converter is an simple operation.
You can convert MP3 to CD, WMA to CD, iPod MP4 and M4A to CD and all other audio formats.
Standard audio files will play on all CD players
When a CD is created for standard audio the CD has to closed or finalised and can only be used once.
Rewritable CD's can be used again but some players cannot read these.

Using MP3 Converter to create a CD
First create a list of songs (in any format) or load a Play List.
From the MP3 Converter Menu bat select 'Make CD' / 'Create Standard CD'
MP3 Converter will start converting and adding these files ready for burning to CD.

During this operation you can change the size of the CD by clicking the radio buttons showing 650 / 700 and 800 MB
If during conversion the number of files in the list exceeds the disc space available on the CD you will be given the option to burn the songs added or abort and create a new list.
If you select to continue CD burning will begin.
Once complete the CD drive door will open and the CD can be removed.

You can also create a CD of compressed file types using Music Pad
These are burned as data instead of audio and will play using CD players that can read MP3, WMA, MP4 etc.

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