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Retrieving CD album information from the free CDDB (CD Database) service

Both MP3 Converter and MP3 Workstation can retrieve information from this service.
Make sure you are connected to the internet.
Place an audio CD in the drive, then from Audio Workstation, click on CD Audio Grabber.
The Get Info button will flash prompting you to press this button.
After a short while the CD information will appear and the tracks list will be filled in.
Album cover information can take a little longer to appear.
If no album cover is found, click on the Find Cover button.
This allows you to search the Microsoft database using the track titles.

Album information will be added to the files after ripping is complete
If an album cover is missing from a file in MP3 Converter or MP3 Workstation you can search and add the cover to the file.
MP3 and WMA files only.
Copy / Paste using Digital Music Pad
Right click on the album cover and select copy then right click on a song with no album cover and paste. This will add the image to the file. (MP3 WMA only)

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