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Converting audio to or from iTunes MP4, M4A and AAC
iTunes has developed from three formats
The original AAC format - this is the basic format and contains no tag information (title, album, artist etc.)
M4A can contain tag information and album cover artwork.
MP4 can contain tag information, album cover artwork.

MP4 Converter will convert all audio to these formats or convert these formats to any other format.
MP4 video files can be converted to MP4 audio, and all other audio types.
Digital Music Pad will convert these three formats to MP3 or WAV.

Using MP4 Converter to convert between these formats
Converting between formats is a simple four step operation.

Select the format to convert to.

Select a folder for the converted audio, or select the option to place the conversion in the same folders as the originals.
Select files in to the conversion queue.
Press Convert

You can test these converted files using Digital Music Pad
Add them to the queue and use the player to play them.

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