DJ Studio Pro

The ultimate music player and audio toolkit!
Great for special occasions, clubs or just as your main player.
Plays all audio types including MP3, Windows  Media Audio, Real Player, Apple QuikTime, iTunes and Ogg Vorbis.
Includes all conversion and editing features of our Digital Music Pad




Plays all audio types - Twin deck mixer player.
Sound samples can be played over current song or when fading between songs.
Lots of free MP3 sample sounds can be downloaded from our download page.
Manual & automatic variable speed fading between decks.
Offset & Effect play buttons - Fade stop and fade down buttons. Create offset play points for each song.
Playing CD's - you can play tracks directly from CD, the track loads to memory in seconds, you can then remove the CD and insert another CD, the track will play to the end.
Remove vocals when playing CDG MPX Karaoke CD's.

Beat matching system.
Create beat match offset play points for each song.
Supports play lists.
Adjustable Pre-Amp for improved sound
Player Control Panel
Each deck has 3 play buttons - Play, Offset Play, Pause.
Cross Fade button
The Cross Fade button will fade one deck out and fade the other deck in at a selectable speed.
Cross Fade with Auto Clip
With Auto Clip enabled each fade will play a sound clip between fading.
You can create a list of clips to be played in order at each fade.

Deck A Detail


 1/ Play.
 2/ Fade in play from offset / fade out stop play.
 3/ Pause.
 4/ Lock / unlock twin deck volume sliders.
 5/ VU Meter.
 6/ Set volume for fade in play.
 7/ Set offset play position for current song.
 8/ Spectrum meter.
 9/ Show / hide visual beat for song.
 10/ Begin auto fade between decks.
 11/ Play song in reverse.
 12/ Play position, grab and drag to change.
 13/ LRC karaoke highlighting lyrics loaded.
 14/ Search play list.
 15/ Search for song title.
 16/ Search for album.
 17/ Search for artist.
 18/ Find and add lyrics to current song.
 19/ Go to official website for current song.
 20/ Order play list by song, album, artist, genre, year  or speed.
 21/ Go to current song playing.
 22/ Add current song to favourites list.



Playing Audio CD's
If a CD is inserted, the CD window will open allowing you to mix CD tracks with the play list.
As the track plays it is also loaded to memory, this takes just a few seconds, you can then eject the CD, the
track will continue to play, and you can insert another CD
Option to remove vocals when playing CDG MPX Karaoke CD's



18 Band Graphic Equalizer
Selectable presets and custom preset.
Frequency boost.
Pre-amp with selectable gain.



Speed and Pitch changer
Speed and pitch can be adjusted and memorised for each song.
Before the song begins memorised
speed and pitch will be adjusted.



Statistics and song speed
Statistics build as songs play
and can be adjusted from top 20 to top 500.
The speed of each song shows in Beats Per Minute.


Statistics and song speed



Artist Official Website
Use the included web browser to find information about the album artist or band.
Get all the information about the band including tour dates etc.
The browser can also capture images from web pages.
The image editor automatically opens so you can edit and save images.


Artist Official Website


Included with DJ Studio Pro:-
CD Audio Grabber - Audio Converter - Audio Splitter / Joiner - Audio Editor - Audio Database - Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology and DirectX - Album Artwork Editor - ID3 Editor - Scrolling Lyrics Maker
See Digital Music Pad for more details on these included programs.