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Twin deck mixer player plays all audio types
Manual and automatic variable speed fading between decks. Manual and automatic beat matching system.
Audio clip player.
Highlighting scrolling lyrics with full screen option.
Now with Sound Plate controller.

Includes 400 free music clips, sound effects, music loops, rhythm loops and full songs.


Beat Match Mixing System
Automatic and manual beat matching system with selectable beat from bass kick or volume peaks.
Create beat match offset play points for each song.
Manual system shows beats with nudge button to align before fading decks.
Sound Clips Player
Includes around 400 sound effects, music loops and rhythm loops.
Sound clips can be played at any time and during auto fading of songs. Use the included sounds or create your own with the included audio splitter, editor.
Add DirectX effects, speed and pitch adjustments to the clip player.
Playing Audio CD's
If a CD is inserted, the CD window will open allowing you to mix CD tracks with the play list.
As the track plays it is also loaded to memory, this takes just a few seconds, you can then eject the CD, the track will continue to play, and you can insert another CD
Audio Database
Automatically searches your pc and creates a database of all your audio files. Order the database by Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Tempo. Search and add songs to the play list.
Create multiple Play Lists using the Database information.
Statistics build as songs play and can be adjusted from top 20 to top 500. They show the number of plays for each song and the song position.
Stats panel also shows beats per minute for the song.
Create Play Lists of the most played songs using the Stats information.
ReMix Maker

ReMix allows you to create your own MP3's using all the resources of DJ Studio Pro including the Sound Plate.
You can change Speed, Pitch, add DX Effects, VST Reverb, you can remix each mix and add more audio and effects.
Voice recordings can be created and remixed with effects and audio.
Sound Plate
A great new innovative, easy and intuitive way to control DJ Studio Pro. Control Mixing, Effects, Scratching and more.
Once you've tried it, you will be hooked!
Real Time Song Normalise
It can be annoying when cd's and songs are recorded at different volume levels
With real time normalise enabled your songs will always play at the same volume. Before playback starts, the song is analysed for peak volumes and adjusted so all songs play at the same level.
  Included Programs
Audio and CD conversion - ID3 Tag Editor - Album Cover Editor - CD Creator Burner - Audio Editor / Splitter / Joiner - LRC Karaoke Lyrics Creator - Steinberg VST Effects Plug-Ins - DirectX Effects

Deck A Control Panel (deck B mirrored to the right)

1/ Play position, grab and drag to change.
2/ Play - no offset.
3/ Fade in play from offset / fade out stop play.
4/ Pause
Lock / Unlock Fade Sliders.
6/ Set volume for fade in play.
7/ Set offset play position for current song.
8/ Spectrum meter.
9/ Song position counter - count up or down.
10/ VST Reverb On / Off
11/ Begin auto fade between decks.
LRC karaoke highlighting lyrics loaded.
13/ Normalise song

'DJ Studio Pro can only go from strength to strength ideal for broadcasting and full customer support AAA+++ from this user.'
Brian Harrison
'You have an awesome product here thanks in advance.'
Bernard Lowry
'I really do love your software. It's about the easiest set of apps to use in making audio and video Podcasts.'
Richard Price
'DJ Studio Pro, Thank you. You've done a great job. I love it!'
David Williams
'Used the product last night with a pro amp setup and it all went very well. Easy to use and very flexible. Thanks again for the fast service'
Jim Hunter
'Thank You for your speediness and this is an excellent program.
Above and Beyond Excellence in Electronics!'
Craig Jennings
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