Software Update Information June 2016

YouTube Audio Capture
Now with an easy recording setup and recording source test button.
Auto stop timer added, just enter the given video time.

Internet Radio Recorder / Music Capture
Capturing Station Songs
When a radio station song plays, the album cover and lyrics are found and added to the capture.

Media Audio Capture
Now with easy ID3 Album Info Entry

DJ Studio Pro 10.4.4
Full featured professional DJ music player.
Twin deck mixer player, manual and automatic mixing, scrolling lyrics.
Easy Play List Maker, Sound Plate controller, 400 music clips and sound effects, auto database, clip player, remix maker and loads more.

Digital Music Pad
Audio CD Conversion
Lyrics are now automatically added to songs when converting from Audio CD.
Album Information
Now uses three music databases:-
FreeDB, Amazon and Microsoft music databases are searched so you always get album information and artwork.

Player Skins
The player now has some cool selectable skins.

MP3 Workstation

Twin Deck
Now with single or twin deck DJ mix mode.
MP3 Mix Maker
Create mixes with effects, speed change, pitch change, voice over etc.

New range of 'All To' easy to use Converter / Players
All to MP3 / MP4 / iTunes / WMA / Wave
Convert all formats to the selected format.
Finds and adds album covers and lyrics.
Easily edit album information.
Great mixer player.

Video Workstation
Latest Xvid Mpeg4 encoder added.