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Automatically batch converts songs from thousands of streaming play list stations, iTunes Radio, Sky Radio, Shoutcast Radio, Digital Imports Radio, and many more.
Select by Country, Station and Style
Finds the album information and adds it to the song.


Internet Music Capture has the ability to play internet broadcasting streams, sound files available on a web site and play lists containing broadcasting streams or sound files.
We have added thousands of stations that use this broadcast system and you can add your own favourites.
During a broadcast, many stations transmit information about the current song, Internet Music Capture uses this information to tag songs and separate songs to individual audio automatically.
Leave the program running over night and wake up to find several hundreds of new MP3's on your computer in the style you have selected. All high quality recordings, 100% legal.
Auto Sensor
The record sensor prevents recording until the volume reaches a desired level. The sensor has 8 levels and can also be disabled.
Inevitably stations will broadcast adverts and the program is able to detect these. If an advert is detected automatic recording will not start until the advert has completed.
Timers have been added to allow automatic scheduled recording, and the recording length can be selected in hours and minutes, handy if you know when a particular broadcast is set to start and if the station does not send song tag information.
Song Tag Information, Album Covers and Lyrics
The broadcast information usually includes the song title and artist. This information is added the to completed audio conversion. The program also searches the Amazon album artwork database and lyrics database during playback and, if found, this information is also added to the final audio.
The 18 band equaliser can be used on the broadcast and thus will be added to the capture. Use the EQ to boost bass, treble, or to remove unwanted high frequencies.
Included Programs
Audio Splitter / Joiner  -   ID3 Editor  -   Album Artwork Editor
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