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Internet Radio Broadcaster
Full featured internet radio streaming broadcast software.
Automatically plays adverts and jingles between songs.
Streams your PC microphone live with your songs plus optional boost and reverb.
Everything you need and more to control your radio station, create and play your own advertising jingles.

Broadcast yourself!



Broadcast Yourself
Internet Radio Broadcaster allows you to connect to internet broadcasting services such as IceCast, ShoutCast or Windows Media Services so your mixes, play lists and microphone can be streamed on internet radio.
With the auto start timer you'll never be late for a scheduled broadcast.
Song album info is sent at the start of each song so all radio players can show the songs you are playing.
Adverts and Jingles
Adverts and Jingle clips can be played at any time and during auto fading of songs. Use the included sounds or create your own with the included audio splitter, editor and MP3 recorder.
Eight banks, each containing 6 clips can be selected for quick play.
Add DirectX effects, speed and pitch adjustments to the clip player.
Set them to play automatically between songs.
Includes 350 free music clips , sound effects, music loops, rhythm loops and full background music.
Mix to MP3 / MP4 / WMA / FLAC
Create your own MP3 adverts. Recording includes all VST, Direct Effects, EQ, Sound Clips and Microphone. Only sounds from the outputs are captured.
Play a background song while recording and narrating your advert. Adjust volumes seperately.
Included Programs
Audio and CD conversion - ID3 Tag Editor - Album Cover Editor - Audio Editor / Splitter / Joiner - LRC Karaoke Lyrics Creator - Steinberg VST Effects Plug-Ins - DirectX Effects

'DJ Studio Pro can only go from strength to strength ideal for broadcasting and full customer support AAA+++ from this user.'
Brian Harrison
'You have an awesome product here thanks in advance.'
Bernard Lowry
'I really do love your software. It's about the easiest set of apps to use in making audio and video Podcasts.'
Richard Price
'DJ Studio Pro, Thank you. You've done a great job. I love it!'
David Williams
'Used the product last night with a pro amp setup and it all went very well. Easy to use and very flexible. Thanks again for the fast service'
Jim Hunter
'Thank You for your speediness and this is an excellent program.
Above and Beyond Excellence in Electronics!'
Craig Jennings
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