All audio song formats to MP3 converter.
Video to MP3 converter.
MP3 ID3 Song Album Information Editor.
Finds MP3 lyrics and album covers.
MP3 Converter will also play your converted songs with smooth mixing, EQ and Reverb settings.
With Play Anywhere feature. Play your songs from any PC, anywhere!




MP3 Audio Converter
With options you will find indispensable such as automatic, manual and mirror folder creation, filters, and an easy Wizard guide.
Play list support for WPL, M3U and PLS formats.
Automatic album information transfer including lyrics and covers.
Quickly extract audio from video to MP3.
Smart audio finder makes it easy to get songs from your PC.
MP3 Audio CD Grabber
Fast with many additional features. Album and track info quickly retrieved using the free CDDB service including album covers and lyrics.
Apply our converter filters.
Automatic and manual folder options.
Information for compilation CD's with various artists is automatically formatted.
MP3 ID3 Album Information Editor
This utility makes it easy to edit or add audio album tag information to MP3.
Edit track and album information.
Automatically finds and add album covers and lyrics.
Converts all audio formats.
Over 40 formats including WMA (Windows Media Audio), M4A (iTunes Audio), MP4, WAV, MP2, OGG (Ogg Vorbis), AAC.
Video formats include AVI, WMV (Windows Media Video), MPEG, MPEG4, ASX, ASF.
Play Anywhere
Play your songs anywhere on any PC.
This utility uploads your songs to your chosen server, creates a streaming ASX play list, and creates a web page for your play lists and a nice easy play button. You can add as many play lists as you like.

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