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Media Audio Capture includes an all format audio and
video player so you can play and resample audio from one
format to another, play and convert audio from video, and convert from various external sources such as other players or the internet. When playing from the internal player, Speed / Pitch / EQ and Reverb can be adjusted before resampling. With the link to a streaming ASX list, this can also be converted.
Convert MIDI to MP3.
Convert audio that cannot be converted directly to MP3, WMA, WAV.


Auto Sensor
Auto sensor allows you to batch convert from other players by detecting the end of the song and automatically starting a new audio recording.
Adjustable silence time and minimum volume allow you adapt the audio recording for different players.
The sensor can be adjusted to discard recordings below a selectable size.
Resample songs, voice or audio CD's with effects
You can resample songs on audio CD to different speeds or pitch.
The file is analysed and the Beats Per Minute (BPM) will show next to the speed slider.
You can then record the audio as a new audio with these changes permanently set.
Pitch can be adjusted to +/- 20 semitones.
Add EQ or Reverb before resampling.
Capture audio from video and DVD.
A video / DVD player is included so you can convert all or part of the video to a new audio sample.
Plays all video types including Mpeg4.
Midi to MP3
The included midi player allows you to convert the triggered midi instruments to standard or compressed audio.
The quality of these sampled instruments varies for different sound cards, but most now are of a very high quality.
Convert Midi to MP3, WMA , WAV.
Track info
Track info is added to the captured song when converting to MP3, WMA.
Add tag info easily before or during the recording using the input fields at the bottom of the player.
Included Programs
ID3 Editor  -   Album Artwork Editor

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