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Video Workstation

Video converter, all formats to Xvid compressed and uncompressed AVI Mpeg4 formats.
YouTube Caption Maker.
Video Splitter, easily create clips from videos.
Join videos or parts of videos to one new video.
Change the audio using any audio file or files.
Convert video frames to photos, all formats supported.


Convert Video
Batch Convert MPG, VCD, WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB to AVI Mpeg4. Compress videos for YouTube.
Resize videos, select from a list of sizes or use a custom size. With option to crop or stretch the video.
Use the default Xvid encoder or choose from list of installed encoders.
Create Clips or Join Videos
Play the video and select start and end points to create a clips.
Join full videos or select clips from videos and join them.
With options to resize the video and change the audio for music or another speech file.
Replacing sound with music or other audio files.
When cutting or joining videos, you can select any audio file types to replace the existing audio.
If the audio file or files are longer than the video the audio will be clipped to match the video.
If the total length of the audio files is shorter than the video you will be given the option to add more audio or loop the current audio.
Convert video frames to photos
During playback, simply press the frame capture button to load the current frame to the photo editor.
The Photo Editor allows you to enhance, resize and add effects and text to the selected video frame.
The frame can then be saved as JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, EMF, PNG or WMF.

Create YouTube Captions
This utility makes it easy to create YouTube caption files with added timing positions for each line.
Just upload the file to your selected YouTube video and captions will show when viewing the video.

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