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Record audio from YouTube video to MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, iTunes M4A using the integrated player.
Add ID Information the song.
With auto stop timer.
Get YouTube images and add as album covers.
You can also edit your captured audio using the included Audio Splitter / Joiner / Editor





Convert to MP3
Using the embedded YouTube internet player, search and
convert any YouTube video to MP3, WMA, WAV  or iTunes format.
With adjustable sound threshold, recording will only start when sound is heard.
With recording preview, encoder options and adjustable output levels.
As each YouTube video shows the play length we have included a timer so you can leave the recording to stop automatically.
Manual recording allows you to convert a portion of the video for clip creation.
Track info and artwork
This is added to the converted audio when recording to MP3, WMA, MP4, iTunes M4A.
The program also includes an image capture function so you can add a sample of the video to the converted audio as an album cover, handy when you play the audio using other players.
Audio Splitter / Joiner / Editor
 Once you have your audio you have the option to edit the capture using the included editor. This program makes it easy to create separate audio files from sections of the capture, cut bits out from the start or end, and join audio together, or add silence between sections.
  Included Programs
ID3 Tag Editor - Album Cover Editor
Audio Splitter / Joiner / Editor

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